Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The 7th Annual Pig Roast

""I am thinking about holidays -- going to the West Edmonton Mall
and now I hear there is a 7th Annual Pig Roast"

The Seventh Annual Pig Roast will be held Saturday at 5 pm on Saturday, August 2nd.

Bring your own lawn chairs, dishes and food.  Meet  under the cherry trees.  Laynie Hicks will have the coals going on a BBQ so that you can roast your weiners or cook your chicken in the great out of doors.

There will be games, so begin to practise up for the Great Water Balloon Throw Contest.

Come and see relatives you haven't seen for years.

Alternately come and see relatives you have seen just the day before.

Time: 5 pm
Place: Under the Cherry Trees

Older Pig Roast Reports for the uninitiated:


  1. So wish I were going to be there. Can't wait for the reports!!

  2. Which cherry trees? Is this a hunt for the best cherry tree grove? Who is the pig you are roasting? Sounds like the best pig roast ever...bring you own food and chair. I am in!