Thursday, June 5, 2014

Biting Midges

I am not the only person who is covered with bug bites.

Bonnie told me that David is also covered with bites.  I offered to compare my bites to his bites.  He declined.  In fact, he was horrified.  I will have to find out why.

I did go out to a University of Florida website to figure out a better name than no-see-um bites, which is what I have called those bites all of the time I have lived in British Columbia.

Here is a picture of how small they are, compared to a U.S. dime and pencil point.


Culicoides furens shown next to a U.S. dime and pencil point to demonstrate
the relative size of this adult biting midge species. Photograph by Roxanne Connelly,
Florida Medical Entomology Laboratory, University of Florida.

If you come to visit this year, you will get a chance to experience them ... in person.

The website says that your only defense ... maybe ...will be a bug spray that contains DEET.


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  1. i HATE those things (no matter what you call them!)