Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Calgary Zoo

Naomi spent today (her last day in Calgary) at the zoo.  It was a sunny day and all the animals came out to play -- both inside and outside the cages.  Here she is with her Brooks cousins.

Last time I was at the zoo, a baby giraffe had recently been born.  They named it Richard.  I wonder if this is Richard.  He appears to be almost as tall as our own Benjamin Richard Johnson.

Naomi tells me this lion lifted his head for just a few seconds then decided that was too much work and laid back down.  I felt that way too this morning when my alarm went off.

It appears the tiger felt the same way.

 The Penguins are always a favourite for Naomi.  Anyone for a swim?


  1. Cute braids on Naomi. And the pics of the penguins? Naomi is closer to them than I got in South America. Nice to see Michelle's kids growing up as well. Too fast they become too big! Thanks Leo and Mary for the pictures. It makes me feels as though I am there.

  2. Hey Naomi, those look like Katnis Everdine braids! Duncan will be totally jealous re the penguins (which he loves!)

  3. I don't know who Katnis Everdine is. Thank goodness for Google, because I had a good braid lesson by looking at her pictures. I guess the next question is, "who did those braids for you". My guess is Aunt Michelle?