Monday, June 30, 2014

Eight Cousins on a Log

eight cousins on a log and the little one said ...
Sunday felt like many days.

First a huge waffle breakfast, then off to church.

Some went. Some stayed home. And one came running back home to get on her Sunday clothes.

Ceilidh transformed in a flash, and was off with her Montreal cousins Catie and Rebecca. There is nothing like Sunday morning in church with cousins.

 ... a big hello from us to you ...
Upon return, there was a grand meal cooked on the BBQ.

Those who ate on the first shift sat in rain.
Those who ate on the next shift sat in the wind.
Those who ate on the third shift sat in the rain.

Who knows why it is that a big meal requires a long nap. Some laid down to sleep. Others headed to the beach.

Before the walk, the group considered having a water balloon fight.

Glen, Laynie and Landon had brought over water balloons about noon, hiding buckets of them all over the property.

I thought the kids would be the ones who loved the fight, but later it would be Catherine and Doral who armed themselves and then went for broke!

On the way to the beach, Doral told Catherine that there are cherry trees lining the road, cherry trees that had sprung up from all the pits that they had spat off the porches of "the quiet" and "the noisy" cabins as children.

Next discussion. "Was the water this high last time we were here?"

The water is high.

We measure by cement ramps and only one of them currently peeks out of the water.

There isn't enough beach to get more than a couple of hundred yards, if even that.
"The cousins" tried to make it to "Sandy Beach", but ran out of beach. We found the branch we sat on two years ago, but Doral tested it out and suggested it did not have the same structural integrity after two years of weathering.

But other parts of nature are flourishing.
... now David joins in .... half way ...

The name of this white rose bush is LaRue.

In 2009 it wasn't doing very well.

Glen and Bonnie pruned it in the early spring, trying to save what little bit of life it look like was still in the plant.

"If it lives, what will be name it?, one asked.

"LaRue," said the other.

In 2014, this white rose bush is flourishing, threatening to take over the whole flower bed.

You can tell a lot about a house by what is going on in the kitchen!


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  1. Oh what fun! What fun you cousins are having. Love the roses and fabulous headdress.