Friday, October 10, 2014

2014 - Salmon Run and Witches Fingers

photo by Marla A Bjorgan, 2010
On my morning walk I stopped by Moiya and David Wood's home to find out why they have an extra vehicle parked out front.

Yes, snoopy ... but what else is a person to do at 6:45am as they walk along Pilling's Road shaking a maraca to keep the bears informed of their presence.

The Woods have visitors who have come to see the Salmon Run. Dan, Marina, her parents, Autumn, Owen, Reggie, Oscar and Pepper.

They are off to the Adam's River this morning after Pepper wakes up. Tomorrow they celebrate her first birthday. Reggie told me they already have her surprise. He didn't let the secret slip, though.

Would you try one of these? Janet, I could make you an almond free version.
Reggie did give away Autumn's plans for her Halloween costume. She will be a witch. I think he said she has a stuffie witch with candy in its hat. If this is true, I hope to run into Autumn on Halloween ... although she did say they were going home on Monday.

For my birthday celebration on Saturday, I am having a pumpkin carving party at the Bjorgan house. The guests are to bring creepy food for others to touch, taste, or smell. I plan to make witches fingers - Moiya's recipe. I will also bring peeled grapes in a bowl Rebecca made that has a jagged edge and blood-coloured glaze dripping from the broken-like edges.

If you can make the party, let me know. If you can't, I would love to hear what creepy food you would have brought.

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  1. The witches fingers look disgusting enough to eat!