Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bates: Rome on the Horizon

By time we packed and left the ship, I had a back ache. I am not proud. I found a place in the airport to put my feet up.
I changed our hotel in Rome the night we left Calgary in August. We were not arriving in Rome until 11 p.m. and our original hotel had short hours for checking in. I booked a hostel again. Breakfast was served in our room. Chocolate corn pops!
 A beautiful view of the inner courtyard from our bedroom window.
Don't you just love our twin beds. It is really a bunk bed made into twins. There are two more mattresses under these beds. We could have had two more people stay here with us.
And here is the upper view of our courtyard. The price was right. Just $330 dollars for three nights and a 10 minute walk from the train station. The walk was scary. It was dark. We passed a long line of street people sleeping on the sidewalk by the station. 

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  1. Is that person in the first photo one of the street people? Cheeseeee.