Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bates in Bourgas, Bulgaria

We went on this cruise for you Lurene. Here are some photos of Bulgaria. This huge carving was on the side of the building as we walked from the ship.
Just a beautiful street scene with some people outside enjoying a stroll.
 You do not have to go far off the main streets to see into the apartments at the backs of the buildings.
Beautiful buildings.
 Here is proof. The ship is behind the sign 'Republic of Bulgaria'.

 I guess there is a little water park everywhere. Greg captured a fun picture of this little boy playing in the water, just before his mother grabbed him and pulled him away.
Then when I got back to the ship I had to have this magnificent dessert. Chocolate mousse  on the bottom and this lovely lemoned whipped cream on the top.
The dish beside is one that my friend Najaf gave me when I was in London. It is an oyster shell with two Baroque pearls stuck in it.

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  1. Did you try to pick the pearls out of the shells? I think I would have even if it was obvious they were embedded.

    Signed, dreaming of pearls