Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Bates in Istanbul 2

 We thouroughly enjoyed our hotel in Istanbul. It was a half price deal a few weeks before we got there. The front of our hotel.

We had a beautiful view of the harbor.

There was a small atrium in the middle of the apartment which was outside and went up five floors. This vine grew all the way to the top. I tried to lift it off of the cement but the vine had attached itself so secure that it would not move. There were places where it had been moved previously, but marks were left where it had attached itself.
 Up, up, up it went to the fifth floor and the sky. What is that plant or vine Glen?

 From our apartment you could see into the uninhabited building across the way. The top floor had a small bedroom and the other room had the sink, toilet and open terrace.

All of the building was uninhabited. You can see how small the flats are.

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