Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bates in Trabzon Turkey

Trabzon Turkey was a fun port. The venders did not hassle tourists to buy. It was a holiday in Trabzon so a lot of families were out in the market.
 There was a very long walking market, down and up the mountain.
In the middle of the market was a vendor selling corn on the cob and sesame pretzels. They were fresh and very good.

Greg just loved the model photos and advertising in the store windows.

 We saw more stores selling gold in Trabzon than we did last time we were in Dubai. It was amazing.

I have tied a few scarves in my time, but this lady in the scarf store took the scarf I was wearing and retied it on my neck and then hung my glasses from the scarf. I still have a lot to learn about wearing scarves.
We walked a lot in Trabzon. We stopped here to visit with friends from the ship and also to enjoy the lovely square.

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  1. Wyona? About the scarves. Will you still remember how to tie them so that you can hang your glasses from them when you get home. I want you to teach me how to do that.

    And the scarf shop looks wonderful. I am breathless wondering how many you purchased. When you are finished distributing them to the people who want or need them, I hope there will be some left over.

    I can see I am a good person to have been left behind on this trip. I am saving a lot of money because those scarves looking inviting. I think I will go into my room and get one one in celebration of you having been in a such a place.