Thursday, October 23, 2014

Made in Calgary: The 2000s

,,, poster advertising the Nickel at Noon

There is a series of tours and lectures at the Nickel Gallery Hall that runs through October to Dec 4th.

All I have to do is arrived a noon on Thursday, as I did last week for the curator's tour of the Mayan Textiles.

 People who have travelled widely have been known to say it is the best exhibition of Mayan and Guatemalan textiles that they have seen anywhere.

Katherine Ylitalo is the curator of the Made in Calgary: The 2000s.

This is a series of pictures and interactive art that is in the gallery right now.

Now that I have walked through the exhibition listening to the curator's talk, I am dying to go back and take a closer look at some of the pieces:  both the profane and the  politically incorrect -- 'twas fun to hear Ylitalo describe the pieces and then say, "We couldn't show this at the Glenbow.  But up here at the university, people's imaginations are more playful."

Shelley Oullette: Lake Louise
There is an amazing beaded picture of Lake Louise, created from an image someone else has done in oils.

A photograph was taken, digitized and the Shelley Oulette invited people to come and help her make an installation with beads of the picture.  It is stunningly hung at the back of the gallery, the artificial and natural light sparkling through the crystals.

See you at the Nickel -- every Thursday at noon.


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