Monday, October 27, 2014

Meow Island ... first complete draft. Illustrations to follow ...

Adventure Island:  Meow Island

by David Camps-Johnson

The year is 2552. Meow Island is the last Cat Residency on the planet. Cat population has decreased because the Evil Dog attacks. On Meow Island a teleporter appears on Hatred Mountain. Evil Dog appears on Hatred Mountain through the teleporter and looks down at the cats' homes. The cats do not  notice him.
In the flatland the cats made their homes and the food pile. Meowmeow was talking to Firemeow who is their leader. Meowmeow was talking to Firemeow about the foxes in their territory. Meowymeows and Longsword were hunting in a forest. Suddenly Longsword stopped moving and smelled the air and said “dogs.”  A moment later six dogs appeared through the trees.
One of the dogs barked “Take us to your leader.”
“Okay” Meowymeows mewed.
At the camp MeowMeow was still talking to Firemeow when Longsword and Meowymeows come back with the six dogs. The dog who had said “take us to your leader” said to Firemeow “Give up all your territory or else you will be fighting against Mr. Evil Dog, or was it Wizard Evil Dog? Super Evil Dog? Just ... just Mr. Evil Dog. I mean Evil Dog. Sorry.”
When the dog who said “take us to your leader” finished talking and looked at Firemeow, Longsword, MeowMeow and Meowymeows, they were all laughing so much. And then that dog said “what's so funny?” 
Then MeowMeow said “How many times did you mess up trying to say Evil Dog?” 
Then that dog said “Are you going to give up the land or not?” 
Then Firemeow said “No.” 
And then the dog that had been talking all this time said “Then you shall be at war with ...” “Got to get it right this time” he whispered to himself. “...You will be at war with ... Evil Dog.” And then he whispered to one of the other dogs “Did I get it right this time?” And then the dog he whispered to nodded his head. 
And the first dog whispered “good.”  After that, the six dogs turned around and left the cat camp.
The six dogs had now returned to the current Under Construction Evil Dog Lair, and they informed the Evil Dog about how the cats had decided not to give up their territory. The Evil Dog said “Scout their camp. Make sure you are not spotted. And tell me what they have.” Then the Evil Dog turned to another group of dogs and said “You have a high chance of going to fight at the enemy camp soon.” 
Around an hour later, meow time, the dogs who scouted the camp returned. One of them said “We have figured out they have around 32 cats in the camp and there is only one entrance that is hard to get through for a dog because there are thorns. It would be tricky for a dog to leap through it, but easy for a cat to do it.”
Then Evil Dog turned to a group of around 36 dogs and said to them “Attack the cat camp and try to destroy as many of the Cat Dens as you can and scatter their food everywhere.”
It took around a half an hour, Meow-time, for the dogs to get close enough that they could see the cats but the cats could not see them. They had to find a rock to hide behind that was close to the entrance, although it had to be a quick sprint so they would have enough energy to leap through the area in between the thorns and into the camp and still have energy to start going crazy. 
The dogs finally found a rock really close to the entrance and then the dogs all gathered behind the rock. And then the dogs began all sprinting towards the camp and leaping through the thorns. Eighteen of the dogs charged toward the food pile, eight to Firemeow's den and eight to the warriors' den. Meowymeows and Meowmeow were working together to fight off a dog slightly bigger than them around the food pile. Firemeow was fighting off three dogs who were attacking his den, and Longsword was fighting off five of the eight dogs who were attacking the warriors' den. Firemeow after a bit of time had forced five dogs away from his den causing him to fight only three. Two more cats joined Firemeow evening his battle. Four cats joined Longsword and helped him push back more of the dogs. Seven more cats joined the battle to help Meowymeows and Meowmeow at the food pile. After fighting for around 15 minutes, meow time, it was turning towards the end of the day and the cats had forced the dogs back against the gate. The dogs just ran through the gate and ran back to Evil Dog's lair. 
Then Firemeow told three of the cats to guard the entrance during the night and five to fix up the food pile, six for the warriors' den, and Firemeow and Meowmeow fixed up Firemeow's den. After fixing up the food pile, Firemeow's den and the warriors' den, the three cats who were guarding the camp at the start went to sleep and three more cats went to guard the camp's entrance. The rest of the cats went to sleep.
In the morning, 3:30am meow time, a morning hunting group consisting of Meowmeow, Longsword, and Meowymeows were halfway through the forest. Meowmeow spotted a dog running away. Meowmeow sprung into chase immediately. Meowmeow yelled to Meowymeows, “Get the rest of the cats to follow us!” Meowymeows nodded yes.
An hour and a half later, all of the cats were on Hatred Mountain. They were hanging from the edge of the cliff where they could see the dogs' location by poking their heads over the edge to look at the dogs. Then all the cats threw a bunch of rocks to the right of the dogs' defenses to mislead the dogs. All the dogs moved towards the rocks. Then all of the cats charged at the part of the wall that was completely unprotected. And then the entire area of the wall fell apart. Before the dogs noticed that the wall was falling down, the cats destroyed the other part of the wall sending the dogs flying. The dogs' defenses fell quickly (5 minutes meow time).
All of the cats and dogs ran into the cave. Meowmeow was about to bite Evil Dog. Then a blue laser beam hit the ground in between them. 
Exterminator Bot #1 said “aattaackkk!”
After an hour of running and chasing (and flying?), all of the cats and dogs and exterminator bots were on a cliff. 
The dogs and cats leaped over the exterminator bots. Then half of the dogs pushed the bots off the cliff. One hour later cats and dogs were still fighting. Evil Dog barked “I shall destroy all cats.” Even later all of the dogs were against the edge of the cliff. All of the cats kicked the dogs off the cliff leaving Evil Dog as the only dog left. 
Meowmeow meowed, “This ... is ... Meow Island!” and then Meowmeow kicked Evil Dog off the cliff. 
And then Firemeow said, “We shall take all of your territory! And the territory between the cat and dog territory!” And, that's what they did. 
You may be wondering who I am. I know you are.

I am the narrator.

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