Saturday, October 25, 2014

Legend of Love

I decided to try the ballets in HD this year.  

I don't know why, for I am not a fan of watching dance. I am known to fall asleep within the first few minutes.  The theatre gets dark. The reel begins to roll. I fall asleep.

Yes, I like to dance.  That would keep me awake. But going to the theatre for dance is not a life-time habit for me.  I may not have the right tools for interpretation so after a while I loose the fascination for ballet because I don't know exactly what I should be look at.

To give myself some help, I have been out looking for reviews of the Bolshoi's Legend of Love. Below is the best ... and all I could find in a quick search.  Enjoy the review if going to the whole ballet isn't your thing, either.


"The royal apartments of Queen Mekhmene Banu are plunged into mourning - her young sister, Princess Shireen, is dying. The Princess will only be saved if the Queen gives Shireen her beauty. The Queen decides to sacrifice herself, but later regrets her action when she is disfigured and Shireen falls in love with the Queen's own lover, the painter Ferkhad.

This splendid tale of forbidden love, self-sacrifice, jealousy and suffering returns to the Bolshoi stage after a ten-year absence. The Legend of Love is one of Russian master Yuri Grigorovich's earliest choreographic works, and its storyline explores the conflict between love and duty through its two heroines.

Featuring dance movements, sets and costumes inspired by the Middle East, this stunning ballet, which uses pure dance to tell the story, is further enriched by the talent of the Bolshoi troupe."

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