Saturday, October 18, 2014

Adventure Island: Meow Island - Part 1

The year is 2552. Meow Island is the last cat residency on the planet. Cat population has decreased because of the Evil Dog Attacks.  On Meow Island a teleporter appears on Hatred Mountain. Evil dog appears on Hatred Mountain through the teleported and looks down at the cat’s homes.  The cats didn’t notice him. 

In the flatlands the cats made their homes and  a food pile. Meowmeow was talking to Firemeow, who is their leader. He was talking about the foxes in their territory. Meowmeows and Longsword were hunting in a forest. Suddenly Longsword stopped moving and smelled the air and said “dogs”. 

A moment later six dogs appeared through the trees. One of the dogs barked, “Take us to your leader!” 

“Okay”, Meowymeows mewed. 

Meowymeows and Longsword brought the six dogs to the camp to speak with Firemeow. 

The dog who had barked “Take us to your leader” said to Firemeow, “Give up your territory or you will be at war with Mr. Evil Dog (or Sir Evil dog, or Wizard Evil Dog).” 


“You’ll just be at war with Evil Dog.”

to be continued


  1. Hello David,

    I can hardly wait for the next installment of your story. The Evil Dogs look like they are going to have the upper hand until the Cats can figure out a way to outsmart them.

  2. I can't wait either. David is at his father's house today. I hope David chooses to do some dictating to his father. His teacher has told him it is okay to use a computer and staple his work to the paper he was given in class.