Friday, October 3, 2014

From Here to Eternity: the musical


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I am looking forward to seeing this musical: Tim Rice's From Here to Eternity. Here is a review of it from From Here to Eternity in The Calgary Herald.

I have watched the trailer so many times, I can sing it.

 I notice now that there will be 3 showings in Calgary. The first one is October 5th.

 I hope to see them all.

Yours for more music in the form of musical theatre (especially when it is HD Live).


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  1. Duncan and Alex and I went. I ignored the "PG-14" warning when i bought the tickets. Duncan whispered to me at some point that perhaps it was not appropriate for me to bring them to a musical with nudity, prostitution, adultery, homophobia, racism and murder. ah well! :-) the music was very hummable, and both boys said it was good. the choreography in parts was quite stellar!