Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Reading Challenge

Typing "tooth" into the search engine for Larch Haven.
I am starting the 200 nights of reading challenge at my school.

So far, one night has been completed which is this night.

Do you wanna join the challenge?

You have to read for 15 minutes each day for 200 days. You can read blog posts, like this one. The days don't have to be consecutive. It is okay to miss a day. You have 365 days to complete the challenge.

Also, if you don't manage to do 200 days within this year, then that's okay. You can continue for the next year.

It's the tooth on the left side of my mouth,
on the bottom row, three over from the centre.
Last night, as I was trying to fall asleep when I discovered I have a wiggly tooth.

I asked my mom to check if it was an adult tooth or a baby tooth.

Turns out it was baby.

For my reading challenge tonight, I did 15 minutes of reading about teeth on this blog.

There are a bunch of posts.

I read about Hebe losing her second tooth.

I also read about Zach loosing a tooth.

Is the real tooth fairy a tooth mouse?
I learned a lot about my own history. For example, I learned that I almost lost one of my baby teeth for good on a train.

Also, that I was obsessed with mandarin oranges at a certain point. While me and my dad were walking to a museum somewhere, there were many parks for me to play in. And there was a mandarin orange merchant. I got two bunches of oranges from him.

This happened on the same day that my tooth fell out on a train.

During my reading on the blog today, my favorite picture was the one of the mouse, Ratoli Perez (in Catalan), carrying away a tooth on his back.

Happy reading.



  1. David. I am sure grandma still remembers what an adventure it was to find your tooth before we had to get off the train. Somehow we managed to find it just in time.


  2. First of all, yes, I remember loosing the tooth on the train just at the exact moment that the train halted at our stop and we only had 30 seconds to find the tooth and get off. Weren't all of the adults on the floor, scrapping their hands under benches trying to find the tooth? That was a nightmare. On that day you should have just "thrown grandma off the train".

    Second, I will take you up on the challgene to read 15 minutes a day. The hardest part will be writing it down. I have a calendar now and on each day I write done 1) if I have exercised; 2) if I carried weights while I exercised; 3) my weight for that day. I used to also write down what day it was of my own "100 Best Days of my Life" project. Now that is over, I shall write down what day it is that I have read for 15 minutes.

    David, you made me laugh when you said you gathered together all of the posts about teeth. I don't know how you did that. Did you use the search engine. If you did, congratulations. Most blog readers don't know how to use that. I use it sometimes when I am looking for a recipe, but now the recipes are on a different blog. Still, I can find some of the old ones, that way.

    Thanks for the visit.

    Today I am reading notes I made from the LaRue Case Management Meeting today. I will count the one hour of reading those notes as my 15 minutes of Day 1. I wonder who will make it to day 200 first. Not that it is a race. You were very nice to say it is OK to miss a day or two. I also wonder how good Joaquim will be at this. Probably he will be second and you will be first.

  3. I will try to join the challenge. I need to read more and watch less TV. The best way for me to do it is to always have a good book beside my bed, and to get in bed while my eyes are not too tired to read. Sometime I fall asleep with the book in my hands, it falls on my face, and Leo has to put it away when he finds me there snoring.