Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Brooks Kids -- Photos for Pheobe

My very good friend Anne-Marie Bouchard is a professional photographer -- AMBphoto.  I adore both her and her photos.  I have had the very good fortune of getting to have her take photos of my kids on several occasions.

This past weekend she did a fundraiser for a girl in Ottawa who has a rare form of cancer.  My kids participated and here is the result.

Don't I have gorgeous kids?


  1. Thank you for the pictures. Xavier's red hair and green tie are just perfect. I notice Naomi is wearing earrings and that her hair has grown so long. And Rhiannon? Well, those teeth are looking fabulous. Places for new ones to come in and some already there. I loved the photos.

    I hope lots of money was raised. Anne-Marie's generosity with her talent made wonderful picture viewing for me.

  2. Yes, gorgeous kids and very fun to be around too.