Thursday, October 16, 2014

Bates in Mykonos Greece

Here we are in Mykonos, Greece. Greg took this picture so Glen can see how his deck will look in a few years after his vines have filled in his gazebo.
 And as we walked down the seaside we saw these lovely octopi hanging from the ships sails. They were a fresh catch. We saw the sailor hanging them.
The water is beautiful. Houses close together and then scattered on the hillsides.
A view of some steps leading up to the homes.
The buildings are all whitewashed and they usually have blue trim. Even the sidewalks have been whitewashed between the stones.
 When a car or truck comes down the street, the pedestrians just move to one side or jump up fast into a doorway.

The sea breeze makes the air cooler. We were the first ship in to dock. Two other ships came after us but there is only room for one ship to dock. The other two ships sat out at sea for a couple of hours waiting for the wind to die down so they could tender into shore. However, the wind stayed strong and the ships left without people coming ashore.

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