Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Morning at the Brooks House

This morning all the kids dressed up for school.

Naomi, the snow leopard.

Rhiannon, the zombie bride's maid.

Xavier, the wizard.

And last evening was spent carving pumpkins.

Xavier made a jack-o-lantern eating another jack-o-lantern. (as an aside, this white pumpkin smells like cantaloupe.  It is crazy.  I am going to taste it tonight)

Rhiannon wanted to do a beagle.

Naomi also wanted to do a beagle.

And Leo want to try his hand at carving a face into a pumpkin.

As for me, I can't wait to look through all the candy the kids bring home tonight.  Mmmmm, stolen candy.


  1. David wore a cardboard hat from Minecraft - Steve. He said the main disadvantage was that his peripheral vision was limited to seeing the inside of the head of his costume.

  2. Fabulous pictures Mary. Your carvings and costumes look great. I know how much it was for you to get it all ready and everybody happy. And then the next day it is crazy messy. You make it look fun.