Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bates in London/Portabello

 Just a few notes about London. I found this fabulous pearl/jewelry store on Portabello road a year ago when I visited. I am sure happy that I did not know it was there where I lived in London. That would have been really costly.

Here is my good friend Najaf who was born in Afganistan but now he travels with a British passport. He has many tales to tell and happens to be the owner of the store.
Just look at the pearl rings Louise. You will have a hard time choosing.
 Najaf's store from the street.
This is a really small picture because our room in London was really small. The bed mattress went on the floor for me to sleep on and Greg slept on the daybed. Double beds are 130 by 150 cm in Europe. That is too small.

I just sat on a stool and used pearls to make necklaces with the most fabulous baroque pearls one can find. I was in heaven. 


  1. Will never forget my trip to London Wyona. You and Greg were (and always are) the most amazing hosts. We never would have made it out to a show every night without you. Or known how to get around the city on the Tube. Was remember with Arta just the other day the time we went to the opera and at the intermission you took us to an empty box and pulled a veritable feast out of your bag. It was like magic. Diet cokes, chocolate bars and much more.

  2. Even though you have your hotel room with a small picture, I found a way to double click on it so I could see if there would have been a way to fit me in as well. Yes. It would have worked if we had slept in shifts.

    That double click on the small picture, also brought me up the other six pictures in your post. I loved them visually on the screen. The rings are beautiful as are the necklaces. Thank you for modelling them. I also noticed that every woman in the store has a purse slung over her shoulder and is busy making a great selection of jewels that she will buy, or is imagining that she will buy when her purse is fuller

    I would have been the second woman, though there are moments when I was the first, and will be again.

    Loved seeking Greg working on his laptop. All of us know when to grab the moments on WiFI if we travel. There they are -- in a hotel, in a restaurant, in a waiting area for embarking on a cruise. He has chosen the best alternative, all comfy on a bed!

    I was with you in London -- if only virtually.