Sunday, October 5, 2014

Contest for Young Readers

I couldn't help but  copy this URL down when I was listening to CBC one morning.  If you are between the ages of 5 and 13, you have a chance to enter a CBC Readers Contest, just by voting for your favourite Canadian Children's Book.

Your mother or dad has to help you submit the form.

That's all.

Maybe you will want to review some of the books before you vote with their help.  The covers of the books to vote on look so interesting.  If you vote, tell me in the comment section of this blog, which one you chose.



Here are the reviews.  Some are too hard for you to read, but your dad or mom can tell you about them.  Good luck with voting.  I hope you win the trip to Toronto.

The Man with the Violin

Once Upon a Northern Night

The Unlikely Hero of Room 13B

In the Tree House

Branded by the Pink Triangle


  1. I went out to the CBC books website. I have never been there before. Wow. It made me want to run straight to the library.

    David. Let's figure out a way to have some weekly library time together.

  2. I just read the review for The Man with the Violin. I want to borrow the book from the library for sure now. Eric Jarvis told me of this story. And Cathy sent me a link to a video clip of the event. I always thought the violinist was Yehudi Menuhin (whose name I can never remember how to spell). But I see he passed away in 1999. He must just be one of Eric's favourite violinists and I just got the two stories mixed up. Now I must go out and learn more about Joshua Bell.

  3. I watched that tube segment many times, wondering if I would have been one of the people who streamed on by. I am afraid the answer is yes. Once I get down into the underground, I am already late for something. I kept thinking to myself, I am going to leave more time to get places so that I can linger along the way and drink in a few more of life's unexpected joyful moments. This would have bee one of them.

    I read the review for The Pink Triangle. Noting that the books are for young people, I was wondering what teen-ager would take to reading such a troubling theme.

  4. The contest ends Oct 23, 2014. Has any reader of this blog entered yet?