Sunday, October 26, 2014

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Bonnie Here: 

Richard left the Shuswap area in the Ford to go back to Calgary.

He arrived at 4:45 am from Calgary on the Greyhound. I asked how his trip was. He felt his neck and then said, "Head still on? Yep. The trip was fine."

Oh, that dark humour.

He woke me at 8:30 am with hot pancakes for breakfast. They were soooo tasty and golden brown. I kept trying to find the gritty texture feeling from the whole wheat flour he must have used. I couldn't figure out why they were so fluffy and smooth. I asked, "Did you use brown flour?"

He replied, "Chocolate milk."

"Oh yeah", I remembered. "I am out of white milk."

He played me one of his favourite current songs that has an adorable music video to go with it: Willie Wonka's Pure Imagination.

We went for "the morning walk" and took turns tossing the imaginary talking feather. We agreed that the last leg on the beach was the perfect reminder of how beautiful this place is. We stacked rocks, slipped on rocks, and skipped rocks. We swapped gratitude lists about life and exchanged anecdotes about our children.

Just before he left at 11:11am, he left me with another song cued up on my computer. It is one that he and Michael sign to each other . It started with him discovering that singing this song is an effective technique for helping his son transition from the car to the house. I hope he makes a video tape of that and sends it to us.

Look closely to see what the litter patrol found on the beach:
Reduce, reuse, recycle
Richard and I even got in a selfie.

As I looked at the photo I thought, that can't be us.

We look much older than I feel.

This photo does not do Richard and me justice ... but here it is.

Written by Bonnie

Posted by Arta


  1. I looked at the picture. I couldn't figure out the question in the text below the picture. My guess was that Richard found that hat on the beach walk with Bonnie, and that was the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle event. But when I asked Bonnie, she said no, it is the glow stick hanging around his neck that he found on the beach, and picked up to wear in memory of good times down there.

    That would make sense for me He is the first father i have ever seen wearing a necklace made out of straws that was brought home from Play School. Oh, maybe other fathers have worn it the first day it was brought home, but this was a week later. I went over and saw Richard wearing that necklace for evening ornamentation or perhaps as a badge of happy fatherhood. All hail to male jewellery.