Friday, October 3, 2014

Stormy but so Quiet

Rainbow during the rain - Sept. 24th/2014
Stormy skies

It is quiet at the lake when everyone leaves.

I noticed a glow outside so went to investigate.
After the storm

Besides the rainbow on Larch Hill, there was the stormy sky up towards the narrows.


I tried calling Arta & Bonnie.  Nobody there.

I tried calling Glen & Janet.    Nobody there.

David was at Scouts.

I HAD to enjoy this all alone.

The storm was over in a matter of about 10 minutes!



  1. What incredible photos. Thank you for taking them and sharing them with us on the blog. They are gorgeous!

    I was in Vancouver at an MCFD RASP Advisory Panel Meeting on Friday. Saturday I flew to Kelowna and drove to Silver Star for a work party at a condo at the Silver Star Ski resort. It was a sleep over. I love sleep overs. We went bowling. Nicole (15) won with 106, Ken (almost 60) came in second with 103, Kylie (15) came in a close third, and Alys (51), and I (48 next week) brought up the rear.

    We played Clue until 1am. Ken deduced correctly that the first murderer was Colonel Mustard with the lead pipe in the Lounge. Kylie correctly accused Mr Green of committing the next murder with the revolver in the Billiard Room.

    Now it is Sunday. We are off for a morning walk.

    See you back at the lake tonight, Moiya.

  2. Your pictures are more than stunning Moiya. Now everyone can enjoy the view. Cannot wait to get out there in November.