Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bates in Constanta, Romania

 One of our ports was Constanta, Romania. There certainly is not much tourism. This stop was on the itinerary because Ukraine was taken off. We walked into the town and down a walking street. Many of the once beautiful buildings, have been abandoned.
 And next door to the abandon building one can find a beautiful edifice.

 The door in this building has been bricked over. When you get up close you can see a few remaining mosaic tiles.

As we were walking we took a side trip one block down to the sea. We were on a cliff but saw this Romanian family having a picnic by the sea.

One of the first statues we saw was that of Romulus and Remus, the Roman twins suckling from the Shewolf. I climbed up a few steps to get to the top. Greg should not have told me not to go up there…Where have we seen this statue before Arta?

The legends of Rome spread everywhere in Europe and Asia because Rome was at one time, the conqueror of all. We had a fabulous day in Romania. I remember Marcia and Tonia having a Romanian teacher at Hawken. At the time, she could never return to her county because it was under Communist Rule. I wonder if she ever went back.

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  1. About the Romulus and Remus statue? I can remember being in Grade IV and hearing this legend. I never dreamed I would see the statue of the wolf suckling the twins. And I was surprised when I first saw it -- just a small statue there amidst colossal ones -- but still the statue embodies the myth of the beginning of a great civilization.

    Your posts are fun, Wyona. I feel as though I am there on the adventure with you.