Friday, October 28, 2016

The Long Way to the Shuswap

... apple pie from Wyona's tree ...
You can see what we had for dessert last night.

Easy to grab something out of the freezer and get it into the oven while the stir fry is being made or while the Ceasar salad is getting to the table.

My trip to to Salmon Arm was diverted through Radium Hot Springs due to the rock slide at Field.

I haven't seen that highway before, so for two hours my eyes were glued to the window.  Around Lake Louise there had been some falling snow and it sat on the thin lines of the barbed wire fence, occasionally falling away -- but there were miles and miles of those white lines on the roadside of the highway.

The trees are beautiful at this time of year.  The ranches had close cropped grass.  The fields of some farms were peppered with animals.

Single lane alternating traffic is now moving through that area.  I am glad I got to go the long way -- what beauty!

I ended my trip there with a crazy mix-up that went like this.  The bus driver said that because we were 2 1/2 hours behind schedule, we would meet a bus at the Husky Station in Sicamous that would take the Vancouver bound people in one direction, and those going to Kamloops in another.  I had been texting with Bonnie Wyora and told her to pick me up in Sicamous which was better for her, since she was working there.  So I hopped off with my baggage and both buses left in their own directions.  But at that moment I figured out that my bus was also going to stop in Sicamous, and that the Husky Station was not the new bus stop, as I had imagined.  So there I was at the Husky and now Bonnie was no longer answering my texts.  As well, the Pillings and Woods are both on holidays.

I could think of no one to call, except Rebecca who is 10 hours away.  Sheesh to hopping off the bus at the wrong place in life.

A couple from the trailor court near the Burner at Malakwa must have seen the look of distress on my face for they asked if they could help me as they had stopped there to get air in their tires.  I hitched a ride with them to the bus station in Sicamous, but by now my texts to Bonnie had been telling her I was at the Huskey station.  Soon I had Rebecca calling from Victoria to the Eagle Valley Taxi Company, telling them where to pick me up in Sicamous and take me home.  The saga gets worse.  Suffice to say, my predicament ended before the day ended.

No wonder I look a little haggard in the picture attached to this blog.  The look you see on my face is the one of someone who is just very happy that at the end of the day she made it home.  And I made Rebecca promise not to put me into a care facility on the basis of that one mistake.



  1. So Glad you made it safely Aunt Arta! How long will you be at the lake for?
    Love Kerri

  2. Hi Kerri,

    I will be here until approximately Nov 15th, give or take a few days. I think of you often in a way that you would never imagine. You know the "Manna from Heaven" cookbook? I go to it often for some recipe and when I do, I have a small visit in my mind with the person who submitted the recipe. Your name is under Betty's Brownies. I have done that recipe 100 times if I have done it once. Probably more times. Someone even gave me a cookbook called Best Brownies that contained only brownie recipes. But back I go to the one that I can get in the oven with minimum fuss, with ingredients I always seem to have, and with full confidence that while it may not come out the same every time, it will still be edible. I once even asked Nadine where that recipe came from. All I can remember now is that Betty was somebody's next door neighbour.

    Well, you get the credit for my long-time adventure with sugar in that department. Thank you. If sugar is bad for me, it might as well be bad for me in the direction of being able to think of you when I make the brownies.