Saturday, October 8, 2016

Treats at the Opera

Bonnie and I could see that the opera season was starting this month, and rather than go alone, it seemed like the right time to introduce David to the joys and sorrows of opera.

All of them are not in the text.

Some of them are just about getting to the opera. 

And the Met is celebrating 100 years of opera and so presenting one of its masterpieces for the opening – Wagner at his best, if you can measure that just by the length of the opera: 5 hours and 13 minutes all told.

I began preparations to get there by going to the Bulk Barn for candy: poppers, key lime yogurt covered pretzels, cocoanut jelly beans, hot tamales, and oversized butterfly gummies – I couldn’t stop myself in the isles, thinking of the joys of opening bag after bag while listening to the opera.

My next food preparation for the opera was making brownies (sans walnuts for David’s benefit).   I did those so late at night that when they came out of the oven I didn't even want to taste one.  Dropping into bed was the nicest thing I could think of.

I had hot oatmeal raspberry muffins on the counter when he woke up, so as to jump start his appetite.  Not that he took one.  But I did have them ready for him.  As well I made cheese sandwiches which should have been a highlight but they were on focaccia buns and the spice overpowered David on the first bite. I can’t hit 100% with my choices every time.  I can't even do 50 %.

I did not take pictures, but on reflection, here is one selfie that I could have done with Bonnie. I should have caught her outfit on film. She had not picked out her clothes the night before and came to my closet to grab something. I tried to manage her choices but she rejected them and picked an old miss shapen black and white  t-shirt with artistic logos on it and and East-Indian skirt that has a garrish beaded trim around the hem. She finished her outfit off with Wellington boots since it was gently raining outside. Fashionable? Not.

Functional?  Yes.


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