Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Richard II -- recorded at the Globe 2015

Sensuality in every gesture… 
Charles Edwards as Richard II
at Shakespeare’s Globe.
Photograph: Johan Persson
I am going to see Richard II tomorrow night.

Shakespeare's historical tragedies are hard for me.

History has never been my strong suit in the first place.

And seeing history as one of Shakespeare's plays should make it easier for me, but the language is so rich and dense that I tire easily from the hard work of listening to every word.

Then when the show is over, I will call Rebecca and her boys will have come with questions that I won't be able to answer, even with my pre-performance study.

So here are my questions to Alex and Duncan in advance.

1. King Richard II is deposed by his cousin, Bolingbroke.  What colour is the king's robe?  What colour is Bolingbroke's costume?

 Man of action… 
David Sturzaker as Bolingbroke
 in Richard II. 
Photograph: Johan Persson

2. The King under estimates the threat of the rebellion building against him. He places delusional trust in his beloved English soil to repel his enemies. He believes God will blight his enemies with pestilence.  Did you see where any of this happening in the play?

3. Do you know what a prologue is?  If so, does this play have one?

4. Do you know what the phrase "the divine right of kings" means.  Could you see it in this play?

I hope you enjoy the play:  2 hours and 40 minutes with an intermission. There should be time at the intermission to get some good snacks if you don't get them before you go to the movies.


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