Thursday, October 13, 2016

Fire Ants in Floresville, Texas

David & Curtis were out in the yard pulling out the fence wire.
David knelt down to pull out the wire while Curtis went to get some pliers.
Curtis saw David kneel and yelled watch out for the fire ants!
David looked down and his leg was covered with tiny little ants.
"I could feel them bite, and quickly brushed them off the best I could and went to strip down to make sure I got them all off."
Apparently they have little stingers, just like a bee and they inject poison.
"It was pretty uncomfortable the first day.  I could feel my leg tingling but I was OK"
Now we are back out to finish up the fencing on Curtis's last day of Parental leave.


  1. I bet nobody stays on the last picture for long. The close up is the worst! How is Dave's leg doing now?