Saturday, October 15, 2016

(Gasp), It's a ______ or is it?

Today we went to the beach. There was no one there.

I was in the car. I looked out the window, and there were two ducks. dun-dun-dun-DUN!!!

And then we did the thing that any sensible person would do. Chase after them like maniacs and try to get photos. We got two that weren't blurry.

Photo credits:  David Camps-Johnson
It's a duck. 
View to the Right
View to the Left
Ducks are the most majestical creatures in the world. They would go under water for 10 seconds, perhaps 20.

And then they would surface. We had no clue where they would surface. It was amazing when they popped out of the water, suddenly.

The time one duck came up right under the under duck it seemed just as much a surprise to the duck as to us.

Photo credits:  David Camps-Johnson
(Gasp) It's two ducks! 

I hope in this blogpost I have proven that ducks are the most majestical creatures in the world.



  1. Would you call the ducks that you saw, dippers or divers?

    When you were chasing the birds, how did you know which direction to chase them?

    You have reminded me of the majesty of ducks, so thanks a lot.

    I have one other question. Have you ever eaten a duck?


    1. to chase them, we followed the direction they were swimming, but eventually we got too close and they took flight in the opposite direction. that was when the photos got blurry.

  2. no i would never eat a Duck but they were Dippers

    1. One last thing, David, about ducks since they have such majesty. Have you ever thought about how ducks get into our everyday language, even if you would't eat one. Think of the terms like "as easy as duck soup", "he is a sitting duck", "duck down", and "Lord love a duck".

      Thanks for writing. You are fun. Oh, by the way, when Duncan was on a cruise, he ordered duck for most meals and when he didn't order duck, the waiter still had one waiting in the wings in case he DID order duck.