Sunday, October 23, 2016

Miss Saigon, the 25th Anniversary Celebration

 ... iconic scene from Miss Saigon ... 
Wyona gathered the most people -- enough that we should have received a group discount with our Scene cards when we went to Miss Saigon.

I didn't think of that until now: Tonia, Marcia, Lurene, Gabe, Wyona and me.  Yes, cheaper to go as a group and that is what we were, high in the theatre on the back row and the second back row.  I could hear Tonia giggling behind me, and a laugh occasionally from Lurene.

Wyona and Tonia have had the advantage of seeing the show live, so they knew where bits and pieces had been re-arranged, even where part had been left out.

I have only seen the show on u-tube.  And I went out to the lyrics page and read words from half of the songs.  I always find it is easier to listen to the words if I have seen them once or twice.

I am sure Rebecca got to the show with someone from her house.  The ride home is always the best with them, for they are answering questions (or asking questions) about the movie to make money.

I take the opposite route.  I have all of my questions before I go to the show.  I probably get more pleasure out of the preparation to see the show, than the actual experience, although this showing was exceptional.


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