Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Sunday Evening at the Lake

A Note from Bonnie Wyora:

... a red pear and a butter tart muffin ...

Evening is here.

I took a walk down to the lake.

What got me moving was my note on my fridge that says, "Goal - Live long and prosper" and one of the subgoals under that is "walk 30 minutes a day.

It truly surprises me that it only takes 30 minutes to walk to the lake, down to the willow on the beah where LaRue lands end (N.1/2 L.S. 15 Sec 17 To. 21 R.8), and back home to Lot 3 (in Frac. L.S.14 Sec.17 To. 21 R.8). Each time I think I am going to get to put a longer time in my walking journal, but nope. 30 minutes it is.

I walked up Moiya and Dave's steps on the way home. I did a perimeter check on their home, and looked in each window that I could. Their home remains neat and tidy, welcoming even though dark and with no one home. I didn't stop in though.

Guess first what is on the cutting board.

The answer is a slice of green apple and a slice of red pear.
Next I meandered over to Wyona and Greg's to check out their new pile of dirt.

I wondered how much dirt it would take to fill the gully between Lots 6 and 7 and decided, too many loads.

It was fun to study how the dirt looks at the top of the gully and remember the story of how to move a rock with a well positioned wheel barrow and a good shove from above.

I didn't go down to see Connor. I figured he may be putting his dinner on and it was time for me to go put my own dinner on. The green tomatoes Arta picked last week have almost all ripened. I choose a crimson coloured tomato, sliced it onto homemade whole wheat bread bread toasted, and savoured every bite.

I count my blessings for those who did my dinner prep - he and she who planted the tomato seeds and watered the garden, she who picked the tomatoes and left them on the counter next to the window for ripening, she who made and put sliced homemade whole wheat bread in my freezer, and he who left squirtable mayo in the fridge last summer.


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