Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Golden Age

The late Doug Hughes of Salmon Arm, B.C., was instrumental in bringing into the Salamar Classic Theatre, both the dance series and the opera series of HD Live transmissions.

Those events have been running for eight years now and over the course of the years I have attended a number of viewings.

A memorable one was the time we listened to a long Wagner opera and we brought our lunch, eating our sandwiches and cake in the parking lot out of the trunk of one of the vehicles we had driven in. 

Other memorable events included candied popcorn compliments of Moiya.

I have been thinking about these memories, knowing that the Bolshoi Ballet performance called “The Golden Age”, will grace the screen on Sunday. This will be an exploration of the jazz music of the European 1920’s.  One of the sequences will be dance to “Tea for Two”.

I love the feeling of knowing I will be watching the Bolshoi on Sunday without the hassle of the plane flight to Russia.

I tried to find some reviews but had no luck. During my failed search, I did enjoy the following line from Wiki about Shotakovich, who wrote this ballet.

Shostakovich himself was a very keen football follower, and is said to have coined the expression "Football is the ballet of the masses".


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