Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Brussels 2016 for Wyona and Greg

From Wyona:
Oct. 24

... chocolates ...
Charise was kind enough to drive us to the airport.

Arta told me that using a wheelchair was good so I checked the needs help box when I booked my ticket.

So getting from security to the airport there was a wheelchair there for me. I just accepted it and Greg walked along with the carry-ons.

It was a long way. So I lined up along with a half a dozen other wheelchairs to get on the plane first. Greg was happy to get on and put the bags up for the trip to London. The plane was not full so it was comfortable. Again, in London there was a wheelchair for me. I borrowed one of Arta’s canes so I looked good and disabled, not hard for me since it is true.

... street ...
We arrived in Brussels but had a hard time finding the hotel.

It was just too close to the train station and we were too tired to think.

I sat with the lugguage on a corner while Greg went walking and searching for the hotel.

We were so close and yet so far. I could not walk and drag luggage because I needed my airport assistance.

... square ...
Greg is happy with the room, just 2 star hotel but at the last minute I changed our hotel to a triple room for a cheaper price.

The pillows are lumpy (lots of character to Greg), carpet is frayed, have to stradle the tub when on the toilet, no shampoo, etc. BUT there are two beds, larger room, great view of the square, a lift, a fan, heating, no breakfast., refrigerator (sort of), good price.

Greg does love the room for some reason so it has what he wants. He has always wanted to stay on this square.

After unpacking yesterday I had to lay down, about 5 p.m. Greg followed suit. I woke up an hour later with a painful Charlie Horse so then we got up and went for a walk to Grand Place, bought a waffle, bought Leonidas and had frites and sausage. So this morning for breakfast we only had chocolates and nuts starting at 5 a.m. Poor us!

... room ...
As we were walking last night I happened to mention to Greg that in the four years we lived in Bussels, we never went walking together.

I do remember driving to the Grand Place and parking the blue van on Rue Neuve downtown.

Teague remembers that the police stopped me for making a left turn, I pled ignorance not speaking French and I refused to pay him a bribe. I remember Trent buying a cooked BBQ chicken at Place du Monde at the market, then taking it home to eat it all himself. So many things to remember. Tonia and Marcia spent so many weekends on Rue Neuve with their friends.

Lurene, Charise and Zoe had so many good jumps on the trampoline, rain and all. Now off to buy oranges, distilled water, more chocolate. shampoo and bar of soap for Greg.



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  1. Wyona,

    What I studied about your pics was the look of the hotel room. Not many people would show the room "as is". Many would have at least made the bed. But that is not your job on a holiday. I loved it! The coat slung over a chair. A hotel room that is lived in. Three cheers for you and Greg, seizing the moment and having a holiday in two of the places you love: Brussels and London.

    I can hardly wait for the next report. And thank you for opening up the box of chocolates. I did enjoy looking at them and trying to identify which ones I love best.