Sunday, October 16, 2016

The Reading Club

"I wonder what to make next?"
Friday night was the first meeting of The Reading Club.

The members are Landon Hicks (6), Kalina Oldham (5) and Michael Johnson (5).

Wyona is the leader of the group.

The parents are the transportation team.

Pepper Hicks (3) and Theresa Oldham (3) are also there, but they are too young to be members of the club, as yet.

"Cups, plates, spoons and knives for sale."

Betty's job is to climb ladders and see 
what is in the high shelves 
she is not allowed to access.
Alice (3) and Betty (1) and began The Play Dough Group.

Alice and I played together, mainly making dishes, knives, forks, spoons and cups.

Later I purchased many dishes and utensils off of Alice, so I was having a good time.

In my playing time, I created some lovely forks, but one of them transmuted into a cleaning appliance -- a vacuum.

I had forgotten how important imaginary play is even though it hurt a bit that Alice saw what I offered as something far different than what I had created.


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