Sunday, October 16, 2016

Miss Saigon

October 20th, Miss Saigon will be at the Chinook Scotia Bank Cineplex.

The show starts at 7 pm and is 3 hours and 25 minutes long.

I have never seen this show. Some people say it is the greatest musical ever written.

The featurette which is five minutes of u-tube.

Here is a review from The Telegraph.

The Guardian by Peter Bradshaw.

And another from The Guardian.

And finally, Variety.


  1. Alex says it was the best production he has seen. the ending also made him very mad! :-)

  2. I wonder what would have been a better ending. Though one answer is any other ending would have been a better one.

    And now for a comment from me. How about the voice that belonged to Thuy, the man to whom she was betrothed. A big wow from me when he began to sing.

    Wyona had seen this show with the same singers when she was in London. She said that they cut out some of the dancing. I think in the case of dancing, that seeing a show like this is better in the actual theatre where you can see the whole stage at the same time. What we saw was amazing! Just not enough of it, for me.

    I was sitting beside someone who had never come to any of the HD Live performances before. Hard to image having missed some of the great ones we have seen!