Sunday, October 23, 2016

My Casio

Although I am calling the new musical instrument in my home, my Casio, it really belongs to Richard and Miranda.

I sing with their children sometimes and have no keyboard anymore, so they lent me their Casio.

This was purchased when Richard thought he would have time to re-learn the keyboard and add to the knowledge he gained as a child, having to sit through piano lessons.

But spare time is at a minimum for him, so he brought the instrument over to me.  I had to print off a manual from the internet, because turning this on is not to know what all of the buttons and choices will do.

There are pre-progammed songs so I am learning how to get those playing myself, and showing Michael at the same time.  One of the choices is Yankee Doodle and though I have the lyrics in mind, I don't know what they mean when I try to explain them to a five year old.  Again, I bless google.  I don't know how many trips to the library I have been saved by going to my own electronics and finding out, in this case, why the allusion to the feather and the macaroni.

A lot of fun!


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