Monday, October 10, 2016

Stinky Bob

Photo: Wyona
Here is one of the wild flowers Wyona was painting
On some points, I cannot help myself.

One of them is when I am walking along the edge of a meadow, or carefully stepping over a stream that crosses a path in the forest, I am also wondering what is the name of the plant I am also looking at.

I was obsessing over the same thing with birds.

I wanted to know the name of every bird I saw flying through the air.

My birder friend, Eric Tull, said to me, "The birds don't know their names."

I have no idea why that still makes me laugh.  I guess because he so clearly unlocked my hidden desire to "know everything".  I don't think there is a way to heaven without filling that requirement.

Yes.  Must know everything.  It is the key to entrance into the pearly gates.
Photo: Wyona
This is a close-up of that flower.
Have you ever seen it as you walked
along the side of the road?

So I walk along, noting the names of the plants I know, and trying to get a fix on the look of the plants for which I have no name.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear the name of a new plant.

Stinky Bob.

Wyona had been doing watercolours of a bouquet of plants that Greg brought into the house for her.

She had counted how many wild flowers he had put into one grouping and she, too, wanted to know their names.

Photo: Wyona
Photography is not the only way to capture images.

The resident forester usually has a name for a plant.  He gave them up.

Class B Noxious Weed

Geranium robertianum


Other common names: Robert Geranium, Stinky Bob
Plant family: Geraniaceae
Year listed: 1997
Native to: Europe
Photo: Wyona
The finished project, now ready to be framed.

Yesterday I was out picking up windfall apples and saw Stinky Bob for the first time.

I mean, really saw it -- on the side of the hill.

It seemed to be the only flower in focus for me.

All because of Wyona's painting project.


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