Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Classic Summer Storm

... waves breaking on the dock ...
Over the years, I have come to associate a combination of thunder, sheet lightening, pelting rain and high waves with the long week-end in August.

That storm didn’t materialize.

The storm did come later in the month.

... looking to the west and seeing how high the water is
splashing by the wet marks on the rocks ...
Rebecca and Bonnie took Duncan and Ben down to ride the waves. Rebecca was soon back up at the house telling me to bring my camera and join them since it was an event not to be missed. I don’t know what it is that is so magnificent: the wind coming from the west along the Salmon Arm of the Shuswap? the waves beating the docks until they are along the shoreline? the teen-age boys riding the paddle boards and the kayaks? Bonnie waiting for the next wave and then leaping in the air as it is about to cover her? Rebecca taking pictures and her hair billowing in the wind? the foam on the waves as it pulls back from the shore and into the water.

Perhaps it is everything together. I ventured out further than I wanted to go and it wasn’t long before I had been dashed back to shore flat on my back. Getting up from a prone position with the waves slapping down on me was something I hadn’t thought about when I got into the water. At least I had the good sense to be within calling distance of Rebecca.



  1. This brings back a memory from long ago, a summer that we had stayed at Shuswap with you all! We were all in the original cabins and someone shouted "there's a storm coming across the lake." It was coming towards us as a Curtain crossing the still lake at the time. As it hit it brought the strongest waves I had ever seen in a lake. Everyone went racing down to the beach! We all jumped in and rode the waves which seemed to be 10 feet to me! It was wild and a huge adrenaline rush for me. Going up and down with each wave and little control of where we would be taken was so exhillerating!
    Once we had all had enough and Sand filled our bathing suits we trudged back to the cabins for hot cinnamon buns. What Memories! Thank you for sharing your piece of heaven with our family!

  2. Hi Kerri,

    Try as I might, I can never capture the thrill of being in those waves. The surging water and the energy of the wind can't be captured with words. But anyone who has that summer thrill is game to have it happen again -- thus the call "a storm coming across the lake" and the exit from the cabins and to the water's edge that you describe.

    So glad you could remember it.

    And the taste of cinnamon buns afterward. You made me smile today!