Friday, October 14, 2016

The Deep Blue Sea

 ‘The illogicality of passion’ … 
Helen McCrory. 
Photograph: Richard Hubert Smith

On Thursday I decided I just couldn’t miss the National Theatre’s HD transmission of The Deep Blue Sea.

I went alone, though way out of the theatre I did see three friends: Alan MacDonald, his son Aaron and the son of my old friend, Marilyn Gilson.

He is the one who called out to me in a loud voice as I was heading for the elevator, "Sister Johnson".

The men were on their way to Deepwater Horizon but said their wives would rather stay home than go. Why shouldn’t taste be the arbiter of what a person goes to see?  There wasn't a big crowd at the performance I was seeing.  Some people either just like to stay home or have to much to do.

The person who introduced the play said that The Deep Blue Sea is one of the best plays for a woman -- a starring role. The evening was stunning. I think the only drawback to going alone is that there is no one to discuss the event with when I go home. For example, I wanted to talk with someone about the jewelry in the play: the bracelet that Hester still wears, a gift from her husband although they are long estranged; his wedding ring that we see dashed across the cupboard top, him wearing it until he can see there is no hope.

She is able to wear the past. Judge Collyer throws that symbol away.

If there is yet another encore, I will go again.  Stunning show.


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  1. looks like a good play or opera' is it a play or opera? David