Sunday, November 10, 2013

BC Weather Photo

I was looking at the long-term weather report for Salmon Arm. We are hovering between 5 degrees and zero this week with a couple of sunny days thrown iin. Then I checked out the CBC's Weather Photo's: a stunning series of 30 shots about the B.C. weather. It is hard not to feel guilty about living in such a beautiful space while others are knee deep in snow.

Connor Pilling and his room mates Harry and Philipp have gone snow-shoeing at Lake Louise for the weekend. The three of them are probably having a close second to me in environmental happiness.

 Pouria came here on the Greyhound. I picked him up for two photo-op adventures.

1. Driving by the Sicamous Jail which has a big FOR SALE sign on it.

2. Taking a garbage run to the Two Mile Landfill -- affectionately known to me as the "dump with a view". He called it another first for him. He has never been inside a land-fill before.

Hope your weekend honouring November 11th is full of gratitude, as ours is.



  1. Arta, please check out the price on the jail. We could drop in ourselves and lock ourselves in and expect room service from our family. Just take the cards.

  2. Unfortunately, the jail does not appear to have a "room with a view". It is very close to "Paradise Avenue" though ...