Monday, November 11, 2013

The Orange Bag

The Provenance of a Life as Demonstrated in a Bag
... use it, patch it, reuse it ...

When Catherine and Eric went to India they brought back cloth shoulder bags for four of us. “Made in a leper colony in India”, Catherine lovingly said to me as she gave me my gift. My bag is a lovely royal blue colour, with a fringed bag flap, and a broad shoulder strap. I found Bonnie’s orange bag as I have been sorting through boxes. The fibres on the shoulder strap have been worn, only the lengthwise threads still intact and to make the bag useful she had pinned the strap to the bag with a large safety pin. Functional, but not fashion-wise. I am going to give that threadbare strap some loving attention with my sewing machine and give the bag back to Bonnie as a Christmas gift.

Suze Orman would be proud of me.



  1. Good one, Wyona. heh heh heh. And yes, Arta, Suze would give you an "Approved" t-shirt.