Sunday, November 3, 2013

REEL Weekend Blow-Out

... the ticket taker uses a felt pen
to cross out the movies I have seen..
Notice I am Gold Pass #3.
They couldn't have sold too many gold passes.
It is just wrong to try to see four films in one day without a nap. Yesterday, I watched Twenty Feet from Stardom (U.S.), Unfinished Song (Britain), Teddy Bear (Denmark) and Much Ado About Nothing. Between the afternoon and evening movies Janet, Kelvin and I slipped back to the Pilling’s house where Glen had goulash and Caesar salad waiting for us. The food made it difficult to keep my eyes open during the black and white film of Much Ado, the play now set in modern times. I heard plenty of laugher a few rows up from us where 12 to 15 high school kids were sitting. And as we exited that theatre they were animatedly talking in the lobby. “That was hilarious, just hilarious.”

Janet said that her boss from the office, Jane, was the only person she knew at the film. I didn’t know anyone there, though I saw the Sheilds, the day before, at Kon-Tiki.  I have to find some friends in town.  Right now, mine are all in Annis Bay.

It is too early to weigh in on my favorite movie for there is one more today that I haven’t seen. The Twenty-Feet from Stardom documentary of back up singers, most of them female, black and thrust into prominence in the Sixties might be my pick. The sound track alone is worth the price. Oh yes, and when you live here, the price of a movie is $7 so after a few movies, you have saved enough to buy the sound track to at least one of them.



  1. Twenty feet from Stardom has tuned my ears to hear the background singers with more alertness. Loved that film.

  2. And I am still hanging onto the REEL Weekend Film Festival Brochure. I agree with you that both of us will be hearing the music sung by the back up singers because the film was nuanced in that direction -- teaching its audience what to listen for.

    Last night when we were watching TV and saw the group, Chaser Straight Up, we could hear those background singers in the a capella renderings of songs from the 40's to now. We are lucky -- translating what we heard in the theatre to what we can hear on T.V. That two hours in the film made it possible to reverse-listen -- to hear the background and not the melody.

    I am also holding onto the sheet about the film festival because its sidebar tells us what is playing during the Film Society's Regular Season. This week, The Spectacular Now. Must go read a review or two about it before we go.