Monday, November 11, 2013

No pictures, please

oh, whatever ... just snap it
When I began blogging, Doral would find an image off of the internet and slip it into one of my posts.

"How do you do that?", I asked at first.

"A post is always more interesting if there is a picture, even if it isn't a picture you have taken, so I just go find some free ones for mine," he said.

So, that was OK with me and a good lesson -- I would find images to slip up in the posts -- but I had so many of my own, since I bought a camera when I retired.  So I switched to using my own pictures.

But I found that there are certain categories of people who don't want their pictures taken. One of those groups is young mothers. I give them their reasons -- who wants to have someone take a picture of you when you probably haven't had time to comb your hair today, take a bath in the last week, and you can't even find a tube of lipstick. Putting on make-up in the day is just not on any of their horizons. Why would they want a picture taken that memorializes those moments.

Another category of people who don't like their pictures taken is those of us who are growing old. And since growing old could be anybody in their 30's, or 40's, depending on their point of view, there aren't many people left who like their picture taken.

 "Oh what the heck," said Bonnie. David doesn't like to have his picture taken and he is only 7. I think I will just model 'having your picture taken', so point and shoot."

To practise this, I gave Moiya the camera and she took a shot of Bonnie and me. I am glad she took it. Here is what the picture captures for me.

1. I am wearing a coat that is associated with one of my favorite memories. When he was in Grade 11, Richard asked me to not wear this coat to his basketball games. "Too embarrassing to have a mother who wears a coat that colour," he explained. I wasn't offended. When I would get to the gym door, I would take the coat off, turn it inside out, and carry it in with only the white lining showing. No use embarrassing a kid. Evey winter I wear that coat with pride. Look, I am still wearing it to take the chill of of me as I am watching Glen and David Wood taking down the larch tree.

2. Just before the picture was taken, Bonnie said to me, "I will get my picture taken with you anytime. I can hide half of my body behind you and no one will even notice." She is always making me laugh like that.

3. The best part of the picture is the leaves Moiya captured to the side of us -- leaves below the deck, leaves on the path to the stream,  leaves under the clump birch on the hill by the road. The beautiful colour of them! I want to remember that.

And for me, the memory that I cherish ... of raking the leaves up, scraping the piles of leaves onto a tarp and then dragging the tarp to the burn pile. All of the above are happy minutes captured in this picture.

Yes, point and shoot.



  1. The leaves are down and Bonnie is not half hidden. The pink coat will always shine.

  2. What a treat to come home and have huge piles of leaves like pools of water here and there after a storm. We could virtually jump from one pile to the next. I loved that you left some there for David and me to help move. What a blast seeing him jump into the final mound down by the burn pile.

  3. bonbon, you are beautiful! (what is that necklace you are wearing?) Arta, you too! I miss wearing that coat...

  4. Bonnie does not like wearing jewellery. Any jewellery. But she has a client she sees who is a fashion queen. Or is it her hair dresser? In any case, when she goes to see that person, out of respect for their sense of taste and good judgement she tries to wear a piece of jewellery on her neck. Heaven forbid that anything would go on Bonnie's ears, wrists or fingers. Nice work at spotting that moment of fashion actualized in Bonnie's life. Not that she doesn't have an innate sense for it. She just doesn't like to wear jewellery. Finding that moment is like a where's Waldo puzzle. You get the prize, Rebecca!