Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Pomegranate Challenge - The Wooden Spoon Method

Moiya invited us over to dinner last night – delicious pulled pork served with a spicy cold slaw on top of the meat. Dessert followed -- warm chocolate brownies and ice-cream. That should have been enough for the evening, but just as we were leaving she asked us to stay behind for one other delectable treat. She had seen pomegranates on sale and bought one because it reminded her that Doral used to buy one around Halloween time each year. She can remember him breaking it open and letting us all have a small piece of it.

... free brochure at Askews ...
Recently, on utube she had seen an “easy method” for removing the seeds. We stood on one side of the island to watch as she cut the pomegranate in half and then held it upside down and began to beat its scarlet coloured skin with a wooden spoon. “This is how the chef did it on T.V.,” she said as we watched her spoon pound the pomegranate shell. Seeds began to fall from the counter. Small bits of pomegranate juice also appeared on the counter, and up the back splash and on the front of her blouse. “Mmm, I think this will take an apron,” she said, pausing to quickly toss one over her shoulders. She continued flailing the pomegranate with the spoon. “It worked on T.V.”, she went on solemn faced. “I wonder what is going wrong here.”

Apparently one eats the seeds with a spoon.
Just slide the spoon in your mouth and
taste the crunchy sweetness of the seeds.
Then swallow.  Who knew?
I was in Salmon Arm’s Askew today and still thinking about her demo although by this time I had stopped laughing .

There was a brochure beside the pomegranate display entitled “Select. Open. Enjoy.”

Inside, the double fold pamphlet offered six simple steps to successfully preparing a pomegranate.

I took a brochure and on the way home I dropped it off at her house along with another pomegranate.


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