Sunday, November 10, 2013

My Favorite Scarf

... my bear scarf ...

A few weeks ago I began to tidy up the lower deck and found a scarf on the ground, one that I had on the drying rack before the bear walked by.

The bear must have taken a fancy to it for a minute, because now it is full of holes.

 I am not going to throw away a perfectly good scarf just because a bear has used it for a minute. I washed it up, ironed it and now it is my outside work scarf. I wrap it around my neck to keep off the morning chill, feeling perfectly comfortable taking it off later in the day, hanging it from a tree or laying it on the cement blocks of the pig roast. This is my favourite scarf – going everywhere with me that I take a rake or a shovel or a wheel barrow. I do not worry about damaging it.



  1. When the time comes, do you want to be
    wearing it when you are bearied?

  2. Thank you for the clever pun. As for being bearied, I try to get confirmation that all of the bears have hybernated so that I can go on the lovely walk to Sicamous with Pouria. When I ask Glen if they are all asleep he says, all of them are, except the one you might meet on the path.

  3. Throw the scarf out. You have hundreds of others.