Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Diflexia in Grade Three

On the ride to school today, David asked me if anyone knows that he has diflexia. I said I thought we had talked to his cousins who also have dyslexia and gotten ideas from them of how to make reading and writing easier.

I asked why he asked. He said, he is reading "Nate le seul et unique" and it sounds like in sixth grade there are a lot of tests. He is worrying whether he will be able to keep up with the writing and reading he will need to be doing then.

I was delighted to see him reading in French for pleasure. As he has  been telling me, "Everything has a pro and a con. That is just how things are." I wonder if he is learning this from his grade three teacher or if it is another lesson from Nate le seul et unique.

Some things he is picking up at home rather than through books or school. He and Arta have been practicing exchanging playful insults. He now says to me as he gets out of the car at school in the morning, "See you. See you. Wouldn't want to be you."

He balances that out with a plaintive refrain on the way home, "Why do I have to go to school and no one else does? Pouria gets to stay home. Grandma and Grandpa get to stay home. And you go to work. School is much harder than work." Actually, I can't disagree.

Other new things I hear him say come "from his brain" he explains, such as his newest comeback for being last in a sport event. "Zero the Hero. First the worst. Second the best. Third? The biological turd." Well, no explanation needed there. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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