Friday, November 1, 2013

The Pea Shooter

 ... treat bag dumped on Grandma's bed...
side right - a book from the library
brown bag
lower left - goodies from Janet
mandarin orange lower front - stamped with a jack-o-lantern's face

For Halloween, David Camps’s friends choose costumes about blood, death and gore. David choose to be a pea shooter. If he is going to have to go Halloweening, he is not going to go as something he scares himself half to death with. His hat is a plastic bucket covered with an old green t-shirt. The arms of the tea shirt wrap around his head to create the ties that hold the hat on. His green shirt that he is wearing in the picture is covered with a green hoodie to keep off the fall chill. He drinks out of a green water bottle. His new favorite colour is green.

This is the year that he caught on to how really great Halloween is – all of that running door to door, opening a bag, having treats dropped into it, even if they are treats you might not ever eat. The Shuswap downtown core closes off its streets from 3 pm to 5 pm and kids can go Halloweening from store to store. Janet says that their notary business processes about 1200 kids. The school hands out a book.

Boo! David has been practising hiding behind doors and jumping out at me. When the scare is over for me he says again and again, “It wasn’t my idea. Bonnie made me do it.”

Bonnie is the new substitute word for the devil.



  1. I am ebarrassed to say I had to go out on google to find out what a "pea-shooter" is. Now I know.

    Character from Plants vs. Zombies.

    Great costune David! I loved it.

  2. I went out to find out more about pea-shooters are well. There is a kind that can be designed to use "no breath". Just point and shoot. Now that I think about it, that is what my sweet peas do late in the fall if I don't gather them in before their pods dry out.

    More on Halloween candy -- I have been reading's Word of the Day, having it delivered to my mailbox each morning. One day there was a side bar telling the origin of the names of chocolate bars: M & M's, Snickers, Tootsie Rolls, Mars Bars, Milky Way, etc. I went out and bought the ones that David didn't have in his Halloween Bag. Now we are talking about their names. ie M & M comes from the first names of the proprietor's of the candy factory-- namely Mr. Mars and Mr. Murray. Snicker was named after Mr. Mars's pet horse, so named because he snickered a lot.

    Tonight Bonnie said, "Thank you for getting David to eat peanuts in a chocolate bar. This is the first time he has ever tried it." Frankly, I thought I was going to get the chocolate bar myself, David not having a penchant for sweets. But I guess when the treats come with a story, they taste better. Darn it.

  3. It is so strange to see him eat a whole regular size chocolate bar. I still can't believe he ate a mixed-texture substance, even if it was sweet and delicious.

    Also, Arta-the-miracle-worker has also got him eating fig and fennel bread. Go Arta, go Arta.

  4. Re: Fig and Fennel Bread

    David asked me if I could make some of the taller bread. I have only been making brown bread, since that is what Bonnie asked of me. For 2 weeks he has been on a steady diet of whole wheat bread. I am sure by his request for "taller bread" he is meaning some of that lovely white fluffy stuff. I can do it, but I am waiting for his mom to give me permission. I am on his side and appealed to the cost per slice, saying that I can buy the 10 kg of white flour for $7, but the brown flour is hovering around $11 a bag. She is unmoved by arguments appealing to thrift.