Wednesday, September 18, 2013


"Let's drop in on grandma."
Chelsea Bates and her mom drove up from Medicine Hat for her annual check-up yesterday.

She had phoned her grandmother to say that they were on their way to town.

Chelsea had trouble getting hold of her, making a number of calls.

When a connection was finally made, Chelsea said, “Finally, you are home.”

 ... foot fashion of a 12 year old ...
Wyona hung up the phone.

She said to whomever was with her, “Wow! Those tele marketers are cheeky."

"Imagine starting a telephone conversation with ‘Finally you are home.’”

Chelsea didn’t call back.

They just drove up from Medicine Hat and dropped in after the appointment.

We were sitting down to a meal when they came by.

Wyona and I had spent the afternoon tailoring some new t-shirts for Kelve and now we had stopped to eat.
Wrap in a Box ..
large, enough for two

I filled our fast food order at A & A Deli – all chicken: 1 large, 2 mediums, one small, some hummus and extra pita. Due to the size of the wraps and the juicy nature of the tahini sauce, by the time I was 2/3rds through the medium wrap, nothing was staying together: the dill pill, the hot peppers, the spicy chicken and the pickled cabbage were spilling everywhere. Struggling for containment of the wrap by using both hands and just ignoring the fact that the juice was dripping everywhere I was a mess. Wyona orders her large shwarma in a box and just skips the joy of the mess.

London price tag in upper right-hand corner -- £1
Saying good-byes to Chelsea included multiple apologies about hanging up on her.

Then Wyona plied Chelsea with chocolate – “make your choice out of the candy stash, up to and including, taking it all”.

One choice was out of bounds – the chocolate bar given to Wyona by loved ones. They bought it at the English store in Calgary for $5.23. The bar was marked £1.  Wyona  loves that bar too much to give it away.

"I want the Q-tips."
The item that interested Chelsea was an unopened and out-of-place box of Q-Tips in the candy tray.

That is what Chelsea choose.

No wonder grandparents have trouble understanding subsequent generations.



  1. When I got this telephone call in the morning I could hear noise in the background and a voice which I thought had a Filipino accent saying to me 'so you are finally home now!' I mumbled something and hung up the phone believing this was a telemarketer. How was I to know it was my little dragon baby Chelsea. Anyone who calls my number needs to identify themselves first thing or they will get a whack of the phone in the ear.

  2. Hi Chelsea - I hope your check-up went well.