Thursday, September 12, 2013

Larch Kitchens

... my first loaf of country seed bread ...
Laynie has started a new blog.

Larch Kitchens

You can read her at

While she is on maternity leave (between feeding a new baby and changing diapers for two children) she is finding the recipes from the past that she has loved, as well as publishing new recipes, adding them to the old ones.

Check her out.

Already Wyona's zucchini cake is up there, along with all of the tips that will help you produce a perfect cake, even if it wasn't possible for them to make that happen.

You can find a link to Laynie's blog on the side banner of this blog or bookmark it at

If you are willing to be a contributor to the blog, please email her at and she will give you access so that  you can put up recipes of your choosing.  And if not that, just talk about food to your heart's content.

Join the followers if that is of your choosing.

If not happy cooking, at the very least, happy recipe-reading at Larch Kitchens.


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