Monday, September 9, 2013

Grade Three Questions about Idioms and Puns

Working out our group plan.

It is hard to make a group plan, especially on Saturdays. David has things on his list. I have things on mine. We wrote them out (adding pictures to some). Then we took turns deciding on what were "must dos".

During the planning time David asked me what "I'm full of it" means. You will find my answer at the bottom of the photo. What would you have said?

Then David asked me if cats meow in all languages. That took us out to the internet to listen to audio files of cats. We transcribed what we heard, "meow, mow, rrow rrow, eri eri". We decided they probably share the same language no matter what human culture they are born into.

David has also been asking me what puns are. I have a hard time coming up with a good example in the moment. Then the other day we were driving to school and David says, "I see one! I see a pun.

There is one on the back of that truck." Can you find it in this photo?

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