Sunday, September 15, 2013

Happy Fiftieth, Rebecca

 ... Happy, happy birthday ... welcome to the new decade ...
On wishing Rebecca best wishes for her fiftieth birthday on September 14th, she writes back:

Thanks for the note! I love knowing what others did on my birthday! My own day had a slow start. I woke with a killer migraine that put me down from 6 a.m. til 6 p.m. I missed Alex’s football game (which sucked), but I was busy vomiting at the time, so it could not be avoided. Despite it all, I was happy that I knew all the right strategies for making it through: yogurt, strawberry smoothies. I ate only things that would not hurt on the way back up. I learned my lesson the day I made the poor choice of hot lemonade, only to discover that it becomes hyper acidic on the way back. That was the year of the burned esophagus!

All this was not unexpected, since our family has some crisis nearly every year on my birthday (gout attacks, kidney stones, hospital visits, etc). Having a birthday right in the first stressful weeks of the new school year presents the normal range of problems. In any event, Moiya is right that I will organize my own party (complete with karaoke. But I decided that when you turn 50, the party can be any day of the year that suits you, so my plan is to have the actual birthday later. I did have a nice (non-birthday-party) evening with my “Duncan’s-daycare-mom-friends”: Stacy, (Felix’s mom), Elizabeth (Ben’s mom) and Susan (Peter's mom). They came over and we watched 3 episodes of Borgen, a new Danish TV series about the first (fictional of course) woman prime minister in Denmark. It is great and I highly recommend it. Totally about power, gender, politics, media, etc. Perfect end to a birthday!

Much love to you all.


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  1. Happy birthday my dear pottery friend. Celebrate this one all year and on one special day as well!